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Video (edit)

Things I’ll need to fix/edit in my video:

  • Slow down title speeds
  • Maybe change title colors
  • Explain the solutions already implemented by EPA

Video draft

This is the draft of my video. I still have to add more information, a few explanations, and fix the soundtrack.

Watch in 720p HD !

Questions answered by expert

The expert I contacted has been very helpful and answered my questions regarding air pollution. 

These are his responses…

- Why has pollution increased in the past years?
Pollution has been increasing during the few years because population has increased in the world. As today we still have pollution and we will always have pollution, but now a days we are not polluting the environment as much as 20 or 30 years ago. Many years ago we didn't take time to study and learn all the damages we were giving to the world. There are pictures of New York City in the early 70's that showed how much smog (air pollution) was in that city. Now a days we can see that New York is much more cleaner. That doesn't mean that we are not polluting the environment, but we are polluting in less quantities; but at the same time the more population, more pollution will be available. The bigger the population the more power, transportation, trash generated, etc. and all this factor contribute to pollution.
- What measures have been taken so far?
Over the years we have been working to lower pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency has been developing rules that help to control and minimize pollution. Year after year new rules become available that protect more and more the environment.
- Are these measures efficient?
Yes, these measures are efficient. These rules tell us what needs to be done to reduce pollution. This way all those nasty pollutants are recovered, and treated; and they don't reach the environment.

His contact information after the break.

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Expert on the subject

I’ve sent this organization an email, and now I’m waiting for a reply.

This is their contact information:

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